Nelson A. Uhan

Assistant Professor
Mathematics Department
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD 21402, USA

I am an assistant professor in the Mathematics Department at the United States Naval Academy.

At USNA, I teach a variety of courses in the mathematics department, ranging from calculus to simulation modeling. My research interests include cooperative game theory, mechanism design, combinatorial optimization, and applications of these areas to scheduling, network interdiction, and logistics.

I received a PhD in operations research from MIT in June 2008, under the supervision of Professor Andreas Schulz. In June 2002, I received an AB and SM in applied mathematics from Harvard University.

My mathematical genealogy can be found here. My Erdös number is 3 (P. Erdös → P. Hell → M. Mastrolilli).


Courses taught


Naval Applications of Operations Research (SA475). Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016. [description website]
Linear Programming (SA305). Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016. [description website]
Mathematics for Economics (SM286A). Fall 2015. [description website]
Simulation Modeling (SA421). Spring 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015. [description website]
Dynamic and Stochastic Models (SA402). Fall 2013. [description website]
Calculus III with Optimization (SM223). Fall 2012. [description website]

At Purdue University

Operations Research - Optimization (IE 335). Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012. [description]
Integer Programming (IE 634). Fall 2011. [description]
Combinatorial Optimization (IE 639). Fall 2010. [description]

Students supervised

At Purdue University


The POET Project (Purdue Optimization modeling Education Tool) aims to design and evaluate visual interactive educational tools for optimization modeling. The POET project is co-led by Rachael Kenney, Ji Soo Yi and myself. The project web site can be found here.




R. H. Kenney, T. An, S.-H. Kim, N. A. Uhan, J. S. Yi, A. Shamsul. Linear programming models: identifying common errors in college engineering students' work with complex word problems. Submitted, September 2015. [abstract bibtex]
H. Sreekumaran, A. R. Hota, A. L. Liu, N. A. Uhan, S. Sundaram. Multi-agent decentralized network interdiction games. Submitted, June 2015. [abstract paper bibtex]
A. Toriello, N. A. Uhan. Dynamic linear programming games with risk-averse players. Submitted, February 2015. [abstract paper bibtex]

Journal articles

K. Fang, N. A. Uhan, F. Zhao, J. W. Sutherland. Scheduling on a single machine under time-of-use tariffs. Annals of Operations Research 238(1): 199-227, 2016. [abstract paper bibtex]
N. A. Uhan. Stochastic linear programming games with concave preferences. European Journal of Operational Research 243(2): 637-646, 2015. [abstract paper bibtex]
A. Toriello, N. A. Uhan. Dynamic cost allocation for economic lot sizing games. Operations Research Letters 42(1) 82-84, 2014. [abstract paper bibtex]
N. A. Uhan. The complexity of egalitarian mechanisms for linear programming games. Operations Research Letters 42(1) 76-81, 2014. [abstract paper bibtex]
S.-H. Kim, D. Phang, T. An, J. S. Yi, R. H. Kenney, N. A. Uhan. POETIC: interactive solutions to alleviate the reversal error in student-professor type problems. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 72(1) 12-22, 2014. [abstract paper bibtex]
A. Toriello, N. A. Uhan. On traveling salesman games with asymmetric costs. Operations Research 61(6) 1429-1434, 2013. [abstract paper bibtex]
K. Fang, N. A. Uhan, F. Zhao, J. W. Sutherland. Flow shop scheduling with peak power consumption constraints. Annals of Operations Research 206(1) 115-145, 2013. [abstract paper bibtex]
A. S. Schulz, N. A. Uhan. Approximating the least core value and least core of cooperative games with supermodular costs. Discrete Optimization 10(2) 163-180, 2013. [abstract paper bibtex]

Extended abstract appeared as "Encouraging cooperation in sharing supermodular costs" in APPROX 2007, see below.

M. Gopaladesikan, N. A. Uhan, J. Zou. A primal-dual algorithm for computing a cost allocation in the core of economic lot-sizing games. Operations Research Letters 40(6) 453-458, 2012. [abstract paper bibtex]
Q. Hu, L. B. Schwarz, N. A. Uhan. The impact of group purchasing organizations on healthcare-product supply chains. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 14(1) 7-23, 2012. [abstract paper bibtex]
S. Ruangpattana, P. V. Preckel, D. J. Gotham, K. Muthuraman, M. Velástegui, T. L. Morin, N. A. Uhan. Diversification of fuel costs accounting for load variation. Energy Policy 42 400-408, 2012. [abstract paper bibtex]
S. Balireddi, N. A. Uhan. Cost sharing mechanisms for scheduling under general demand settings. European Journal of Operational Research 217(2) 270-277, 2012. [abstract paper bibtex]
K. Fang, N. A. Uhan, F. Zhao, J. W. Sutherland. A new approach to scheduling in manufacturing for power consumption and carbon footprint reduction. Journal of Manufacturing Systems 30(4) 234-240, 2011. Special issue, "Selected Papers of 39th North American Manufacturing Research Conference". [abstract paper bibtex]
A. S. Schulz, N. A. Uhan. Near-optimal solutions and integrality gaps for almost all instances of single-machine precedence-constrained scheduling. Mathematics of Operations Research 36(1) 14-23, 2011. [abstract paper bibtex]
M. Mastrolilli, M. Queyranne, A. S. Schulz, O. Svensson, N. A. Uhan. Minimizing the weighted sum of completion times in concurrent open shops. Operations Research Letters 38(5) 390-395, 2010. [abstract paper bibtex]
A. S. Schulz, N. A. Uhan. Sharing supermodular costs. Operations Research 58(4) 1051-1056, 2010. [abstract paper bibtex]

Extended abstract appeared as "Encouraging cooperation in sharing supermodular costs" in M. Charikar et al., eds., Approximation, Randomization, and Combinatorial Optimization: Algorithms and Techniques (APPROX-RANDOM 2007), vol. 4627 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 271-285, 2007, Springer, Berlin. [extended abstract]

D. S. Altner, Ö. Ergun, N. A. Uhan. The maximum flow network interdiction problem: valid inequalities, integrality gaps, and approximability. Operations Research Letters 38(1) 33-38, 2010. [abstract paper bibtex]

PhD Thesis

N. A. Uhan. Algorithmic and Game-Theoretic Perspectives on Scheduling. PhD Thesis, Operations Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008. [thesis]

Collaborators and coauthors

Douglas S. Altner, Tuyin An, Sindhura Balireddi, Özlem Ergun, Kan Fang, Douglas J. Gotham, Mohan Gopaladesikan, Ashish R. Hota, Qiaohai Hu, Rachael H. Kenney, Sung-Hee Kim, Andrew L. Liu, Monaldo Mastrolilli, Thomas L. Morin, Kumar Muthuraman, Daniel Phang, Paul V. Preckel, Maurice Queyranne, Suriya Ruangpattana, Andreas S. Schulz, Leroy B. Schwarz, Aiman Shamsul, Harikrishnan Sreekumaran, Shreyas Sundaram, John W. Sutherland, Ola Svensson, Alejandro Toriello, Marco Velástegui, Ji Soo Yi, Fu Zhao, Jikai Zou

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